Safety Closed I.V. Catheter System

Needle Free Connector Reduces The Risk Of Catheter Related Bloodstream Infections (CRBSI)

Nouvo Safety Set2

User Friendly, Self Activating Safety Mechanism Prevents Needle Stick Injuries.

Nouvo Safety Set

Flexible Perforated Soft Wings

Nouvo Safety Set3

Quick Flashback Needle Technology ensures successful venepuncture

Nouvo Safety Set-4

Nouvo Safety Set

Safety Closed I.V. Catheter System

Advantages: Safety and Comfort

  • Integrated system minimizes the risk of contamination and accidental disconnection
  • Provides access into the peripheral vascular system for administration of fluids and drugs
  • Closed IV Catheter system supports two infusions at same time
  • Provides safety to the patients from Hospital Acquired Infections and healthcare professionals from Needle Stick Injuries
  • Advanced Polyurethane catheter material ensures better bio-compatibility & longer indwelling time
  • Also available with two Needle Free Connectors & Straight Port

Advantages of Needle Free Connector in Nouvo Safety Set

  • Clear housing allows for visualization of the internal fluid path
  • Effectively clears blood and blood residual with low flush volumes
  • Minimal blood reflux in the catheter tip upon connection or disconnection with luer

Compatible with Power injectors upto 325-330 PSI Also suitable for sub-cutaneous infusion

Size Catheter Catheter Length mm Flow Rate (ml/mnt)
18G Green 1.3 45 90
18G Green 1.3 32 94
20G Pink 1.1 32 56
22G Blue 0.9 25 36
24G Yellow 0.7 19 18

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