Central Venous Catheters


Central Venous Catheters
  •  Complete range of Central Venous Catheters, single, double triple & quadruple lumen, meeting the needs of intensive care and emergency medication.
  •  The Multi lumen catheters prevent mixing of incompatible drugs thus minimizing the complications.

Kit Contents
  •  Indwelling catheter
  •  Introducer needle
  •  Guide Wire
  •  Guide wire pusher
  •  Guide wire pusher tip cover
  • Guide wire pusher sleeve holder
  •  Dilator
  •  Luer lock syringe
  •  Scalpel
  •  Catheter holder
  •  Catheter holder clamp
  •  Injection Cap
  • Extension line Clamp

Central Venous Catheter is available in various lumens and brands as mentioned in below table-

Sr. No. Generic Name of Device Brand Name of device Product Code
1 Central Venous Catheter Single Lumen Novocent 15001-15025, 15031-15049,15350
Novocent pro 15500-15523,18000-18015, 15200-15223
Novocent protekt 17000-17023, 18050-18064
2 Central Venous Catheter Double Lumen Novocent 15050-15069,15071, 15085-15099,15361-15363
Novocent pro 15530-15550, 18020-18034, 15225-15245
Novocent protekt 17030-17050, 18070-18082
3 Central Venous Catheter Triple Lumen Novocent 15100-15117, 15150-15163
Novocent pro 15560-15579, 18040-18048, 15246-15265,15280-15281
Novocent protekt 17055-17073, 18085-18093
4 Central Venous Catheter Quadruple Lumen Novocent 17271-17272
Novocent pro 15266-15277, 15601-15612
Novocent protekt 17260-17270, 18100-18102, 18110-18112

Common features

  • Central Venous Catheter made of specially formulated and bio-compatible Polyurethane material provides strength during insertion.
  • Polyurethane softens at body temperature, conforms to the body tissues and reduces the risk of vascular trauma.
  •  Specially designed soft tip for smooth & easy insertion of catheter.
  •  Soft Flexible J-Tip Guidewire prevents the vessel perforation and also provides good torque to ensure firm insertion.
  •  Radio-opaque material of catheter with clear, definite marking facilitates correct placement of catheter tip.
  •  Novocent available with J-tip guidewire made up of stainless steel.
  • Novocent Pro available with kink resistant flexible guidewire made up of Nitinol with J-tip and lipid resistant three way stop cock.
  •  Novent Protekt available with kink resistant flexible guidewire made up of Nitinol with J-tip, lipid resistant three way stop cock and Needle Free connector.

Options Available

  •  Y-Introducer Needle
  • Kink resistant guidewire
  •  Needle Free Connector
  •  Three way stop cock
  •  Guiding syringes


Needle Free Connector

Polysyte Clear

Guiding Syringe


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