Blood Bag Systems

Blood Bag Systems


Blood Bag Systems

Single Blood Bag System

Size 100 ml 250 ml 300 ml 350 ml 450 ml 500 ml

Double Blood Bag System

Size 250 + 300 ml 350 + 300 ml 450 + 300 ml 500 + 300 ml

Triple Blood Bag System

Size 250 + 300 ml x 2 350 + 300 ml x 2 450 + 300 ml x 2 500 + 300 ml x 2

Quadruple Blood Bag System

Size 250 + 300 ml x 3 350 + 300 ml x 3 450 + 300 ml x 3 500 + 300 ml x 3

Transfer Bag System

Size 150 ml 300 ml 400 ml 500 ml

Common features

  •  Siliconised ultra thin walled, 16G, sharp Japanese needle assures smooth and atraumatic venipuncture
  •  Soft, frosted and flexible kink resistant tubing with unique identification number at intervals of 10 cm
  •  Tamper proof, safe and easy to open port covers to prevent contamination
  •  Manufactured from high quality medical grade PVC sheet
  •  Rounded shape of bag minimizes loss of blood components during transfer & transfusion
  •  Double, Triple and Quadruple blood bag systems are provided with snap tip and connector tube to allow smooth transfer of blood components and additive solution
  •  Tamper evident label
  •  Individually packed in special multi layer pouch and multiples packed in moisture barrier aluminum pouch
  •  Convenient hanger slits and holes allow easy suspension of the bags during collection & storage
  •  Anticoagulant CPDA solution preserves whole blood up to 35 days
  •  CPD SAGM solution preserves RBC upto 42 days.

Top & Bottom Extraction Bag System


  •  Quality blood components in the form of Leucoreduced Red Blood Cells, Leukoreduced Plasma and leukoreduced Platelets from collected Whole Blood.
  •  Reduced cost of production of quality blood components
  •  Available in triple & quadruple blood bag systems

Blood Bag : In-Line Leuko-Depletion Filter


  •  For separation of Leukocytes depleted RBC, Plasma & Platelet
  •  Minimal volume loss & therefore better Red Blood Cell recovery
  •  Soft housing of filter ensures safety of blood bag during centrifugation
  •  No sterile connections required during process control
  •  Transparent housing provides visual monitoring during filtration

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