At Polymed, Our pursuit of excellence is a reflection of our commitment towards matters that are closest to our heart, such as care, concern, and love for humanity.

In our quest to provide the best to humanity, we have made quality healthcare our passion. At Polymed we understand the vitality of  healthcare and bringing quality products with the latest technology has been our aim since the day of our inception. Our drive comes from our compassion for saving lives and building a healthier society…a happier society.



Innovations, quality standards, products… Everything flows forth from our passion to touch lives in a meaningful way. Learn more about our varied specialities.



A wide variety of specialized devices such as Chemo Port, Health Port Power, and PICC Port with power equipment used in Chemotherapy.

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Infusion therapy

A complete array of the products that aid in Infusion Therapy making IV therapy safer and convenient for healthcare providers.

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Offering continues life support for patients with renal affliction, through affordable quality care products and continues education for patients and healthcare providers.

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Respiratory Care-icon

Respiratory Care

A wide assortment of products and therapeutic devices used to treat pulmonary vascular disease or heart and lung disorder of respiratory care patients.

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Specialized products focused on the surgical specialty that deals with the treatment conditions involving in male and female urinary tract.

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Products that aid in the diagnosis and treatment procedure of gastroenterology related diseases such as Ryle’s Tube, Levin’s Tube, Umbilical Catheter, Infant Feeding Tube amongst others.

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Blood Management-icon-2

Blood Management System

A wide range of blood bag configurations for blood collection, processing, storage, and transfusion. Options available from single blood bags to blood bags with filters for leukoreduction.

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Blood Collection-icon

Blood Collection System

Blood collection tubes and other devices for ease-of-use and help to ensure a quality blood sample collection.

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Surgery and Wound-icon

Surgery & Wound Drainage

High quality wound drainage and surgery devices that allows healthcare providers to offer the best possible care for the critical patients.

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The range of Anesthesia delivery devices includes Endotracheal Tubes, Ventilator Circuits, Spinal Needle, Tracheostomy Tube , Bain Circuits, HME Filter and Catheter Mount.

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COVID-19 spreads all over the world and cases keep on increasing, there are numerous facets of the overall pandemic to focus on.

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About Us

Poly Medicure Limited (POLYMED) is a Medical Devices company dedicated to the vision of providing the highest quality of healthcare to mankind. Innovation is an integral part of our story, we are committed to offering safe and highest quality product to the Medical fraternity and patients thus ensuring care at all levels. We are committed to be a world class manufacturer & supplier of medical devices by actively pursuing excellence and customer satisfaction through effective quality management systems, innovation & cost effective technologies and continual improvements.

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