Dial-Ezee Dialysis System

Dial Ezee is developed to deliver highest care for dialysis patients with an Intelligent Operating System.

Dial-Ezee Dialysis System

Standard Options:

  • 15-inch LCD with touch screen
  • Bicarbonate dialysis
  • Accurate concentration of dialysate & conductivity monitoring
  • Ultrapure dialysate through endo toxin filter

Powerful Functions

  • Bicarbonate dialysis with UF & conductivity profiling
  • Arterial & venous pressure monitoring
  • Transmembrane pressure monitoring
  • Sequential & isolated ultrafiltration
  • Heparin pump with safety open syringe system

Safety Features

  • Self-testing & auto calibration
  • Controlled safety air & blood level detector
  • Blood leak monitoring system with photoelectric light
  • Detailed alarm indicators with HELP menu
  • Battery back up in case of power failure

Advanced Features

  • Dual blood pump
  • Online Kt/V (Adequate dialysis dose finder)

  • Self Testing Functions
  • Convenient & Reliable
  • Audio-visual Alarms
  • Clinical & Service