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Blood transfusions are an important part of hematologic care. Transfusion is basically the transfer of blood, its components, or products from one person (donor) into another person’s bloodstream (recipient) Also transfusion systems products are used in transferring of blood for assessment, diagnosis and more.
Polymed offers more tailored treatment which helps in limiting transfusions based on careful valuation of need, and ultimately improving patient care. The transfusion system range has Single Blood Bag (SBB), Double (DBB), Triple (TBB), Quadruple (QBB), Quintuple Blood Bag (PBB) systems with inline filter for Leukocytes removal, Umbilical Cord Blood CPD Bag, Pediatric Bag and ACD Bag.


All of our products that are required in the process of transfusion are highly innovative. No matter how small the product is, we make sure that the products meet the standards of the latest technology.


It is extremely integral that the products used in the transfusion system is completely safe to use. We do multiple safety check on each and every item to ensure that they are safe.


Polymed always focuses on certifying that each and every product that we provide is of the highest quality ones for the transfusion process. We ensure that the products meet the quality standards of the health department.

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We, at Polymed make sure to provide the medical cares and facilities with the best products in the transfusion process to aid them in treating the patients.

Triple blood bag with SAGM

Triple bag is one of the widely used variant in transfusion from which RBC ,platelets and plasma can be separated easily .The bags contains solution of SAGM (Saline, adenine, glucose and Manitol) helps in providing extended life of RBC in shelf for up to 6 weeks with increased functional viability.A larger volume of plasma can be easily collected which in turn helps in yielding of platelets.It also enables in the better flow of Red Blood Cells and thus aiding in better transfusion because of the lower density of RBC concentrate with the SAGM solution in it. Moreover, the TOTM transfer bag allows sufficient gas exchange for viable platelets to be stored for around 5 days when kept at the temperature of 25 degrees Celsius.

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Blood Bag with In-Line Leuko – Depletion Filter

Filter bags consist of Quadruple and Quintuple blood bags having Leukodepletion filter. The filter is used for separation of Leukodepleted or leukoreduced RBC/Plasma/Platelet from the whole blood depending upon the Top and Top & Top and Bottom configurations. The filter is not only safe to handle but the usage allows for the minimal volume loss and therefore better Red Blood Cell recovery. As there are no sterile connections required during the process, it makes the use of the procedure even more convenient and helpful for the medical personnel’s in the transfusion of the blood.

  • Leukodepleted RBC, Platelet and Plasma components can be separated from Top and Top configurations,
  • Leukodepleted RBC, Leukoreduced Platelet and Leukoreduced Plasma components can be separated from Top and Bottom configurations,

Polymed ensures to provide the blood bag with depletion filter for the best quality transfusion systems.

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