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Patients suffering from chronic kidney diseases find it difficult to continue on with their normal routine. And, thus renal care becomes extremely important for such patients. We, at Polymed are driven towards providing the medical facilities with all the required types of equipment and accessories which are best suited in aiding the care and treatment process.
Our high-quality products range not only will be of utter importance in the renal care process but will be extremely important for the patients to live their life in a more normal way.

We understand that Living on dialysis can be challenging, so we at Polymed work towards bringing new normal in the life of the patients.
Our emphasis on renal care has led us to create an impactful service with our products.


Innovation is one of our focal priority when it comes to our products for Renal Care. Life of people with chronic diseases is already really hard, so we make sure we bring the latest product to aid the doctors in the patient’s treatment process.


It is extremely integral to make sure all the equipments and accessories needed for the treatment are completely safe to use for the patients, which is why we always bring the most secured and safe products.


We understand that the lives of people can be subjected to the products/equipments as they can be treated by medical professionals. Thus, we put our prime focus on bringing out the equipments and accessories of superior quality.

Feautured Products

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Haem-O-Flux Dialyzer is the first member of our Haem-O-Flux family. Due to its asymmetric membranes & uniform pore distribution this series remains one of the highest performing low flux dialyzers available today. At the earliest of its siblings this series has helped to build the credibility of the Haem-O-Flux name which now enjoys the trust of customers.

  • Ultra-smooth PU cut surface reduces blood clotting
  • Uniform distribution of pore size for higher clearance
  • Excellent membrane bio-compatibility
  • Optimized asymmetric membrane structure

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Safety Fistula Needle

Another product in our renal care range is the safety fistula needles. The needles are used to connect bloodlines of the blood vessels is done through the medium of an internal fistula. With the Polymed dialysis safety fistula needles cannulation is safe for patients and the nursing staff.

  • Integrated safety devices
  • Easy to use
  • Effective protection against NSI
  • Protection against infection

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Haem-O-Cent is a temporary haemodialysis catheter for insertion in juglar, subclavian and formal vein. The Haem-O-Cent is specially formulated with bio-compatible Polyurethane material enabling strength and safety as well. The Radio-Opaque catheter enables correct placement of catheter tip and material like J-Tip prevents any sort of vessel puncture during the process.

  • Smooth catheter insertion
  • Kink-Proof guide wire
  • Y shape introducer needle
  • User friendly guide wire dispenser

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