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HealthPICC identifies a range of catheters suitable for central venous systems access through arm’s deep veins. It is recommended for short and long therapies, allowing the venous infusion of liquids, drugs, nutritional therapies and blood samples withdrawal.
All HealthPICC catheters are suitable for high-flow rate injection of contrast media (“Power injection”).

A wide range of POWER CATHETERS and components aligned to the most recent clinical procedures for an easy and safe percutaneous access


Power Injectable Catheters

All HEALTHPICC catheter are made of Polyurethane and suitable for high-pressure injections (max flow rate as reported in the table below)

Kit contents
  • HEALTHPICC catheter marked every centimetre
  • Stylet
  •  Stylet holder and T-connector
  •  21GA echogenic needle
  •  Nitinol straight guidewire
  •  Dilator/Introducer
  •  MicroCLAVE®1 neutral connector
  •  Grip-Lok®2 suture-less adhesive
  •  Safety scalpel
  •  Paper ruler
  •  Instructions for use
  •  Patient implant card

ECG-compatible for catheter’s tip correct placement
Reverse tapered

For an easy and safe implant procedure reducing bleeding risk. Reverse tapering provides excellent kinking resistance too


Micro – Introduction Kit
REF Description Introducer Needle Dilator / Introducer Guidewire introducer Set 3FR short 21GA x 40 mm 4FR x 50 mm 0.45 x 400 mm introducer Set 4FR short 21GA x 40 mm 4.5FR x 50 mm 0.45 x 400 mm introducer Set 4FR 21GA x 70 mm 4.5FR x 70 mm 0.45 x 400 mm introducer Set 5FR 21GA x 70 mm 5.5FR x 70 mm 0.45 x 400 mm introducer Set 6FR 21GA x 70 mm 6FR x 70 mm 0.45 x 400 mm

CODE Lumen Catheter diameter (FR) Catheter material Catheter length (mm) Gravity flow ratea (ml/min) Maximum flow rateb (ml/s) Revers tapering Depth Marks Single 3 Polyurethane 450 8 2 Yes Yes Single 4 Polyurethane 550 22 5 Yes Yes Single 5 Polyurethane 550 39 7 Yes Yes Double 4 Polyurethane 450 4 2 Yes Yes Single 5 Polyurethane 500 10 5 Yes Yes Triple 6 Polyurethane 550 13 (Power lumen)
5 (other lumens)
5c Yes Yes

(a) Gravity infusion from a height difference of 1m.
(b) Maximum flow rate with limiting pressure of 300 psi, medium viscosity of 12cP.
(c) Only one lumen is Power injectable for the 6FR catheter.

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