PolySafety Adva

Safety I.V. Cannula with adva

Sizes : 14G to 26G

Common Features
  • User friendly, self activating safety mechanism to prevent needle stick injuries and blood spatter
  • Unique Snap Fit cap with Flexible suturable wings
  • Special double tapered and kink resistant catheter
  • Removable white cap and Hydrophobic filter to prevent blood leakage during Cannulation
  • Luer-Lock ends allow universal attachment of needle free devices.
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Code Description
1111 POLYPEN SAFETY adva I.V. Cannula
1112 POLYWIN SAFETY adva I.V. Cannula
1113 POLYCAN SAFETY adva I.V. Cannula
1114 POLYCATH SAFETY adva I.V. Cannula