Blood Bag with Safety Device & Sampling Bag

  • Blood bag with safety needle shield enhances safety against the accidental needle stick injuries that can transmit HIV, Hepatitis B & C and other dangerous blood borne diseases.
  • Initial blood collected from the donor tends to contain skin particles, bacteria present at the site of venipuncture & dust particles. The pre-attached sampling bag enables to divert & collect this initial amount of blood from donor. The rest of the blood, free from the impurities is collected in the main bag.
  • Pre-attached luer adapter is being provided with sampling bag to have safe in-line multiple sampling from donor. It is compatible with all sorts of Vaccum blood collection tubes & prevents the risk of needle stick injuries.
  • Available in single, double, triple & quadruple blood bag systems.
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Code Item
71000 Single
71001 Double
71002 Triple
71003 Quadruple