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Polyvol Burette Set


Transparent, soft, cylindrical & calibrated measured volume chamber with sharp and bold marking scale
Bacteria retentive air inlet remove possibility of air borne contamination
Injection port for intermittent medication
Automatic shut off valve prevents air trapping in the fluid line once the measured volume chamber is empty, and it also indicates the level of liquid
15 µm fluid filter reduces particulate matter
Approximately 60 drops/ml
Soft and kink resistant PVC tubing
Standard tube length : 150 cm
Tube dia : I Ø 3.0 mm. & O Ø 4.1 mm
Available in size: 100 ml, 110 ml, 150 ml
Options available :
   »   With or without needle
  »   Luer lock or luer slip or rotating Luer Lock
  »   Latex free automatic shut off valve and inbuilt injection port
  »   Self sealing "Y" injection port (latex or latex free) designed for leakage free multiple injections
  »   Moulded latex flush bulb for intermittent medication
  »   Air vented or non vented spike
  »   Needle free "Y"-Site
  »   Plastic pack or blister paper pack
Luer Slip
Luer Lock
Luer Lock
Y Injection
Air Vented
Non Vented
Needle Free
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